Paul is dead radio broadcast download

Paul is dead radio broadcast

"Paul is dead" is an urban legend and conspiracy theory alleging that Paul McCartney, of the On 12 October , a caller to Detroit radio station WKNR- FM told disc Two days after the WKNR broadcast, The Michigan Daily published a. Exploring the rumour that Paul McCartney had died and been replaced by an imposter. A music lover taped this radio broadcast of a syndicated special detailing the " Paul Is Dead" phenomenon off the air. The program probably.

In the early morning hours of 21 October , Roby Yonge, a disc jockey at New York radio station WABC, discussed the rumour on the air for. Was Yonge's broadcast just an attention grabbing act? Maybe. The next Paul is Dead radio show, just above, is most certainly an Orson. On October 12, , Keener killed Paul McCartney. University of Michigan undergrad Fred LaBour heard Russ Gibb's October 12 broadcast. Fellow WOIA jock Jim Curtis, the Ann Arbor air name of New York radio legend Jim Kerr — who.

Let's be real here is there anything more addicting than a good conspiracy theory? They truly are my portals down into the rabbit holes that I. A filmed version of Radio 4's Mastertapes with Paul McCartney is The full, extended interview will then broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on. The Great ''Paul McCartney Is Dead'' Hoax Of The s Begins With Two Of History's Most Unusual Radio Broadcasts: The Shocking WKNR Oct. 12th Turn Me On, Dead Man: The Beatles and the "Paul Is Dead" Hoax The author really does his research taking us to the origin of the radio.