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They grow too dang fast! Julia Kelleher, agedordelafleche.com, agedordelafleche.com, Cr., CPP is the ONLY newborn photographer in the world endorsed by Nikon, Inc. Find Out More . Sessions with principle artist/photographer at Jewel Images, Julia Kelleher, M. Photog., agedordelafleche.com, Cr., CPP, are relaxed, low-key, a blast for the kids and efficient . Julia Kelleher - Principal Photographer · Belinda DeBoard – Studio Manager · Beth Brinston – Editor/Assistant · Awards & Accolades» · Winning Images.

“Julia's courses are priceless. I remember the first time I caught her speaking and I only meant to watch for a few minutes and an hour later I couldn't tear myself. Maternity and newborn photographer Julia Kelleher is a Nikon Ambassador. Learn more about her photography. Learn posing, lighting, post-processing and more to tell the story of family through fine art photography. Watch a free preview on composition and color.

Julia will teach you how to stand out in the crowded newborn photography market by honing your unique voice and artistic point of view. You'll learn how to . Creative & Business Education For Photographers by Nikon Ambassador Julia Kelleher. Learn photography, marketing, in-person sales, shooting, editing and. Portrait Photographer, Julia Kelleher, M. Photog., Cr. CPP, specializes in newborn and family portraits out of her boutique, Bend OR, studio. She offers her.