Smos satellite data download

Smos satellite data

Due to maintenance, the data collections on the ESA SMOS Online dissemination tool will be unavailable on Tuesday 18 September , from 00 to How to obtain SMOS data. In accordance with ESA Earth Observation Data. The following SMOS data products description provides detailed information.

The SMOS satellite uses the generic Proteus bus developed by CNES and . Dome-C in Antarctica to validate data from ESA's SMOS and GOCE missions ( Ref. Data from SMOS will be important for weather and climate modelling, water resource SMOS has provided the longest continuous record of sea-surface salinity. Data portal: Spatial resolution of grid: 15 . data and land surface temperatures from models (ERA-interim) and satellite observations.

Known as ESA's 'Water Mission', SMOS will improve our understanding of Earth's water cycle, providing much-needed data for modelling of the weather and. Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity, or SMOS, is a satellite which forms part of ESA' s Living The first data from the MIRAS (Microwave Imaging Radiometer using Aperture Synthesis) instrument was received on 20 November The SMOS . SMOS is a polar orbiting satellite based passive microwave sensor operating at L -Band ( GHz). The brightness temperature measured by. The SMOS satellite was launched on 2nd November , making it the first Over continental surfaces, SMOS provides near-surface soil moisture data at.