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Contrary to the received wisdom, polling shows support for Trump's Supreme Court pick would hurt senators' reelection chances. RedState - Where the VRWC Collaborates Online. Regarding Sexual Assault Allegations. Brandon Morse. Seton Motley | Red State | Red State is a American independent action thriller film written and directed by Kevin Smith and starring John Goodman, Melissa Leo and Michael Parks. Plot - Production - Marketing and distribution - Reception.

Since the United States presidential election, red states and blue states have referred to states of the United States whose voters predominantly choose  Origins of the color scheme - Map interpretation - Purple states - Demographics. Michael Angarano and Nicholas Braun in Red State () John Goodman and Kevin Alejandro in Red State () Kevin Smith at an event for Red State. RedState. K likes. The most influential right of center blog and website, RedState is a must-read for elected officials and grassroots activists.

1 day ago Voting rights advocates won a major victory in Missouri late on Friday, when a federal district court ordered the state's Driver License Bureau to. Latest news, headlines, analysis, photos and videos on red state (plural red states). (US, idiomatic) A state of the United States voting Republican in a given election, tending to vote Republican in general, or having a. Countless think pieces have explored this newfound exotic constituency of blue voters who swung red. But what about those who remain true blue? Red State.