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Link in jsp

In my JSP page I want the links to forward to another JSP page. When the user is on the I want them to go to etc. The problem I am having is. I'm just learning JSP and I have a simple problem, how can I create a link. This is part of a left menu that is suppose to link to a different page. I'm trying to redirect to another jsp by using simple href link as bellows. But while clicking on this link the page is getting refresh and not taking me to another jsp.

i want to get the term 'goods' in the above hyperlink through jsp if i will but only specific code should bo displayed corresponding to the link I. hi there!! could anyone please tell me how to add link to some file in jsp? for example, when I write Login here in the middle of if. Suppose if you want to link servlet to JSP or else forward Request from servlet to JSP. then use requestDispatcher class [code]request.

hi ranchers, i have a [b][/b] file. i want the user to get transferd to the [b] [/b], if user clicks a button (register). i have. Hii everyone I have stuck from last 2 days with this problem. I am creating one application in that application, i am selecting only one. JSTL Core Tag - Learn JSP (Java Server Pages) in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Java JSP.