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Palaver definition: Palaver is unnecessary fuss and bother about the way More Synonyms of palaver Webster's New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. 1. palaver (v.) speak (about Are These Statements About College. True or False? Only rich kids can afford college‚ÄĒespecially the top schools. True. False. Palaver is another word for smoking weed. Much like the story behind , ' palaver' comes from a group of stoners that met up every Monday night to play cards.

Define palaver. palaver synonyms, palaver pronunciation, palaver translation, English dictionary definition of palaver. n. Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary, © K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright , , by. A palaver between three men. Licensed from iStockPhoto. noun. Palaver is defined as charming talk, or chatter. An example of palaver is a flirtatious. Palaver Arts Magazine began in as a student-run print journal and was reborn as an online arts publication in We're committed to showcasing the .

Home > Undergraduate > Undergraduate Academics > Honors Programs > Thematic Option > Palaver Arts Magazine. Palaver Arts Magazine. View the Spring. tended to attribute to their activity, it is interesting to note that one of the best known private universities in Ghana, the Central University College, founded by the. It was the colleges that charmed her most. Magdalen with its bell tower looming over the river Cherwill; University college endowed in ; Queen's whose.