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Soil series as established by the National Cooperative Soil Survey of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation. DIRECTIONS. The following entry field may be used to retrieve an Official Soil Series Description and/or a Series Extent Map. If you enter a series name that is. Sign up for E-mail updates on the Official Soil Series Descriptions (OSDs) offsite View OSD by Series Name (with best-match feature or wildcard characters).

The Official Soil Series Descriptions (OSD) is a national collection of more than 20, detailed soil series descriptions, covering the United States, Territories. The most used unit of soil classification is called the “soil series." Series are determined by studying the horizon characteristics. Such characteristics as number. SOIL SERIES. WHAT ARE SOIL SERIES? – They constitute the most detailed hierarchical category in a soil classification system. – They are practically.

All the currently recognised soil series are listed below. The symbol in brackets is the map symbol used on series mapping, note the case of the letters is. Soil series definition is - a group of soils with similar profiles developed from similar parent materials under comparable climatic and vegetational conditions. difficulties in consistent use of the criteria for grouping soils into series. Under these conditions the predictions made based on soil series may differ from. Organized national soil survey began in the United States in , with soil types as the units being mapped. The soil series concept was introduced into the.