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How to Do Things with Pornography

This is particularly intolerable for a species of philosophy whose central aspiration is to make the world a less sexist place. How to Do Things with Pornography. Feminist philosophers have made important strides in altering the overwhelmingly male-centric discipline of philosophy. Yet, in Nancy Bauer’s view, most are still content to work within theoretical frameworks that are fundamentally false to human beings’ everyday experiences. You might assume that this book is an entry into the philosophical debates about pornography, speech and silencing, and feminist views on the.

Karen Boyle on a work that uses pornography as a catalyst for thinking about philosophical thinking rather than as a point of analysis in itself. clear what has been produced, as these are open-ended, situated, processes with no absol- ute finality. These factors raise a variety of questions, which the. Bauer, Nancy. How to Do Things with Pornography. HARVARD UNIVERSITY PRESS. Pilot project. eBook available to selected US libraries only. $ / 31,

This book collects together nine of Nancy Bauer's papers, some of which have been previously published and some of which were originally. Ironically, one won't even be able to make out the title unless one already knows how to do things with words. Perhaps you are inclined to take this irony merely. How to Do Things With Pornography. Nancy Bauer. In Sanford Feminism: Pornography in Philosophy of Gender, Race, and Sexuality · Feminist Philosophy of. I read How to Do Things With Pornography so you don't have to. What's most interesting about it is not the book itself, which is a patchwork of.