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Leader text: A leader is the line or arrow pointing to a model entity. Predictably, leader text (Callout 2) has a leader line that points to a specific entity in your model. Dimensions: When you want to indicate a length, radius, or diameter, use the Dimension tool to create a. In SketchUp, however, the Soften Edges feature does nothing to compromise your model’s structural integrity. Soft: When you soften an edge, the edge is hidden, and the faces that the edge bounds become a surface entity. Smooth: Smoothing an edge adds shading that makes the faces. In SketchUp, you can create and edit styles so that you can apply your preferred style settings with a single click. Tip: If you want to develop a sketchy edges style, check out Style Builder. SketchUp creates a copy of the currently active style in the In Model styles.